Valencia Origen del Ajedrez 1475

Scachs d’amor

"In the year 1475 during Valencia's cultural and commercial heyday, three poets from Valencia: Francí de Castellví, Bernat Fenollar, and Narcís Vinyoles conceived the fine allegorical poem "Scachs d'amor". In this work they describe for the first time how the queen moves, and state in unequivocal terms that they, the 3 poets from Valencia, are the promoters and legislators of the new style of play: queen chess, i.e. the modern game."

On 15th May 1495 the Llibre dels jochs partits dels schachs en nombre de 100 was published in Valencia. In this work the author, Francesch Vicent from Segorbe, fully embraced the new rules of modern chess, which were to spread all over Europe by means of a powerful ally: the printing press.

The 15th-century chess players of Valencia have the honour of originating and disseminating modern chess.